Below are recommended readings for SWAP Costa Rica participants.

Below are recommended readings for SWAP Nicaragua participants.

CIA World Factbook: Costa Rica

For Sandinistas, who aren't Danielistas

Universal Coverage: Costa Rica

The Odyssey of the New Nicaraguan

Open Letter to the OAS Secretary

La Carpio: Exposing the Hidden

Today's Youth in Nicaragua

Demographia World Urban Areas

Nicaraguan Immigration to Costa Rica

Real Progress: Fifty Years of USAID

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Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Nicaragua's Indispensable Migrants

The Tico Times

Costa Rica Humanitarian Foundation

The Rise of Anti-Immigrant Attitudes

Envio: A Cornered Regime

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Why Does Ortega Leaving Power

CIA World Factbook: Nicaragua

Open Letter to Rosario Murillo

Envio: An Insurrection